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Sr. Polly Shares Photos from World Youth Day 2011



CLICK HERE to view photos of Sr. Polly Torrino and her youth group at World Youth Day 2011.


Sr. Mary Nolan to be Honored at St. Mary's Center

Sr. Mary de Crus Nolan, O.P. will be honored at St. Mary's Center in Oakland, California, on October 8th, 2011, for her many years of service.  The annual gala and fundraising event will be recognizing the many women religious who have served at St. Mary's Center throughout its long and distinguished history.  Visit the St. Mary's Center website for more information ( or click on the link below to view the invitation.

Click Here for St. Mary's Center Gala Invitation


Sr. Gabi Williams Wins Lumen Christi Award

For 34 years, Catholic Extension has presented the Lumen Christi Award to an individual who best exemplifies the Light of Christ through his or her service to people in Catholic communities of faith.  After a national search and deliberation, it was announced that the 2011 Lumen Christi Award will be presented to Sr. Gabriella Williams, OP, of the Diocese of San Bernardino for her vital ministry in the Coachella Valley.

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The Oakfords Visit the "Women & Spirit" Exhibit

By:  Sr. Anna Oven
On Sunday, August 15th, Sisters Gabriella, Teresita, and I thoroughly enjoyed the national traveling exhibit, “Women and Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America”, hosted at Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles.  As we walked through the exhibit for three hours, we experienced a sense of reverence in the telling of the real story of women religious who have played such a key role in the shaping of our nation.  It is a story of schools, hospitals, orphanages, and homeless shelters.  The Sisters made courageous new beginnings with practically nothing, trusting in Divine Providence, and putting themselves to the task which was needed to be done for the needs of the people around them.  One cannot help but be deeply moved by the dedication, self-giving, and at times, the risking of their lives for the Gospel.

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Sr. Jodi Min Hired by St. Mary's College

Sr. Jodi Min has been hired by St. Mary's College in Moraga, California, as the new Assistant Director of Lasallian Mission. Sr. Jodi began her new ministry on August 1st, 2011, and is responsible for Social Justice education and the coordination of Faith, Academic and Service Immersion programs at St. Mary's. The first two immersion programs she will lead are to Salinas, California.