U.S. Oakfords Celebrate 2019 Jubilees
Friday, May 24, 2019
Sr. Jodi Min

Back row: Sisters Anna, Gemma, Mary de Crus, Rosalia, Lynn. Middle: Sisters Nicolina, Karolina,  Carolina, Jodi, Gabriella, Gladys. Front: Sisters Dominic Marie, Sophie, Marianne.

On Sunday, May 5th, 2019, we celebrated the joyful celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Sister Nicolina KÅ‘hler and the Silver Jubilee of Sister Jodi Cecilia Min. Father Michael Dodds, OP, long-time friend of all of us, was the celebrant and preacher on the Easter Gospel of John:  “Lord, you know all things, you know I love you!” Congratulations to them both!

“The Oakford Dominican:

We would have her distinguished by a radiating Joy in the service of the Master …”  

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